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12 Things You May Need in the Bahamas

   You’re going on vacation to the Bahamas. What do you take with you?

   It may seem like this question has many answers, but we’ve provided a list of top must-haves for your trip to the Bahamas:



1. Appropriate Shade – The tropical sun is more intense than what most travelers realize. Whether it’s an umbrella or just sunglasses and a hat, it’s important to protect yourself.

2. Reading Material – If you're going to the Bahamas to primarily lay on the beach and relax, don't forget to take a good book. There's nothing more relaxing than listening to the surf, sipping on your favorite beverage and diving into your favorite best seller.

3. Games & Sports – While most resorts provide some activities and the equipment you'll need to participate, you may want to consider packing your favorite beach game, tennis raquet or golf clubs. There's nothing like playing a round of golf on the gorgeous Grand Lucayan golf course!

4. Hand Sanitizer – You may want to try some of the delicious native Conch Chowder made fresh, right on the beach.

5. Snacks & Water – The Bahamas will allow travelers to enter the country with processed food items like cookies, crackers or peanut butter (no meats or fresh veggies) and beverages. However, if you selected an all inclusive resort. don't even worry about it. You'll have all the food and drinks you can handle.

6. Sunblock – Don't forget the sunscreen and/or sunblock. The Bahamas sun combined with the water and white sand beaches are not only gorgeous but can cause quite a sunburn more quickly than usual.

7. Change of Clothes – When spending a day at the beach, take an extra pair of shorts and a shirt. Nobody wants to walk around in a wet swimsuit and sandy clothes all day.

8. Camera - Document your amazing vacation with pictures. For more fun, bring a waterproof camera.

9. Ipod or Radio – Make sure to keep your music device dry. Also, be respectful and keep your music at an appropriate noise level.

10. Flip-Flops – For your walk to/from the beach

11. Extra Blanket – Keep your towels clean while you’re on the beach and use them for drying off instead.

12. Beach Bag – This is the single most useful thing you will need. Find one that zips, and is large enough to hold everything you need it to.

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