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Creative Ways to Remember your Bahamas Vacation

Ditch the traditional photo albums and scrapbooks! Sure they're nothing if not dependable, but why not get artsy and inventive? Here are a few ways to keep your Bahamas vacation memories safe and on display in one creative place.


1. Create a shadow box

shadow-boxDo you have a bunch of ticket stubs, small mementos or other shells from a beautiful beach in the Bahamas that won't fit in a photo album? Why nor arrange them in a shadow box? Pick one up at your local craft store and have fun decorating it, inside and out. Add themed elements to match your vacation and then fill with memories! Glue everything down then hang or display it for a cool and memorable 3-D effect!







2. Tell a story with your photos

picstoryDid your teenager spend the whole vacation on their iPhone? Did your spouse spend too much time at the buffet at your all inclusive Bahamas resort? Have your favorite stories and anecdotes from your trip to the Bahamas scrawled across your best vacation photos! Use a website like!







3. Make a fun vacation treasure chest

chestGrab a wooden box with a lid or hinged chest at your local craft store and go to town decorating, get the kids involved, they'll love using their imaginations to paint, glitter, bejewel the family vacation tresure chest! Then fill with all your ticket stubs, mementos, souvenirs and anything else you gathered on your trip to the Bahamas. 






4. Bring photos to life in art

photo pop artTake a note from artists like Andy Warhol in regard to your photos. Give life to your memorable Bahamas travel pictures by turning them into larger-than-life pop-art canvases. Websites like and allow users to upload photographs and turn them into priceless memorabilia. Just select a few shots, choose a style and in a few short weeks you'll have a cool retro painting to remind you of your vacation.









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