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Healthy Eating Tips While Vacationing

When preparing for summer vacation, travelers want to look their best. This includes watching what they eat and exercising more. Someone who works hard to stay healthy and feel confident usually doesn’t want to slip into old habits before the vacation even ends. Here are some tips to help anyone make good dietary decisions while on vacation, even at their favorite all inclusive Bahamas resort, to ensure that they continue to look & feel their best.

·      When preparing for travel, pack some healthy snacks. Choose foods that are low in sugar and saturated fat but high in protein and fiber.

·      When eating out, restaurants tend to serve larger portions than you need. Eating when you’re hungry is something most people have mastered, but stopping when you’re full is harder to do. Ask for a box when ordering and put half of your meal in it when you are served. You won’t overeat and you’ll have a meal for later.

·      When ordering, choose healthy options: ask for the sauce on side, your meat grilled instead of fried, and for extra vegetables-they give you the fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep you healthy.

·      Count the drinks. A lot of alcoholic drinks hold more calories than you think, some as many as a meal. Take this into consideration when ordering your drink – A Bahama Mama cocktail may have 350 calories while a glass of white wine may only have 70. Another option would be to drink 1 glass of water with lemon/lime for every alcoholic drink consumed. You not only stay hydrated, but also avoid the extra calories and sugar.

·      You don’t have to skip dessert after the meal. Treat yourself to dessert, but split it with others or box some of it up to eat later.



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