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Spring Break Bahamas Style

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Why should you pick the Bahamas as your Spring Break destination? If Spring Break is peak season how will a college student like me be able to afford it? The answers may surprise you.

Each year in March colleges and universities from around the U.S. head South to the beach during the biggest party week of the year, Spring Break. There are some great places to visit along the Florida, Texas and California coasts but if you want to crank it up a notch you might consider The Bahamas.

Not only does the Bahamas offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but they also offer a fun, sun & party atmosphere like no other. While I would encourage everyone to drink responsibly, we all know that Spring Breakers are going to have a drink or two during this crazy week and in the Bahamas you're legal at 18. On the flip side, chances are you won't have a car in the Bahamas so the issue of drinking and driving becomes a non-issue.

How safe is the Bahamas?  When your entire economy is dependent on tourism and American dollars, safety becomes one of your top priorities and The Bahamas does a great job of keeping the resort and tourists areas safe for everyone. Don't wander off the beaten path and use common sense but you'll find security around the hotel areas, casino, beaches and other tourist spots at peak efficiency.

We know the Bahamas offers the best beaches and a great atmosphere for Spring Break but is it affordable on a college student's budget? Yes, but you've got to book early for the best deals and locations since most hotels are sold out by mid December! GoBahamas offers some of the best deals around, with all-inclusive packages starting at under $499 and non-inclusive packages (no food/drink) starting at under $399. Plus, you can make payments on any package booked, interest free. It's a great deal, a great place to spend Spring Break and a trip you won't soon forget!

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