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Bahamas Resort

  • Are all of the resorts listed on GoBahamas.com website located on the beach?

    Most resorts are beachfront. However, some are near other areas of interest, such as shopping, marinas and nature trails & parks. Free beach shuttles are available at most resorts that are not located on the beach.  Check with your Bahamas Personal Travel Consultant to find the resort that best matches your individual needs.

  • Are restaurants in the Bahamas more expensive?

    Restaurants in the Bahamas are slightly more expensive, as with any tourist destination. Plus, a 15% gratuity is added to the price of every meal or drink. Therefore, it seems more expensive at first glance. Most menu selections range from $5.00 - $12.00 for breakfast and $8.00 - $15.00 for lunch, with dinner varying greatly depending on the restaurant. For the best value, consider one of our all-inclusive resort options. Meals, drinks, alcohol, shows and even activities are included in most of these resort rates.  Also, look for our mobile app coming soon, which will offer savings at restaurants in your Bahamas resort location!

  • How many people does a standard room accommodate in the Bahamas?

    In most cases, there is a maximum of 4 occupants per standard room. There are also resort properties that offer larger condo style rooms & suites that can accommodate up to 8 people.

  • Can additional nights be added to the Luxury Cruise & Stay & the Fast Cruise & Stay packages?

    Yes, the Luxury Cruise & Stay package may be booked for any even number of nights (4, 6, 8, 10, etc) due to the schedule of the cruise ship.  The Fast Cruise & Stay package, to both Grand Bahama Island & Bimini, may be booked for any number of nights.  The fast cruise schedule changes seasonally and certain days may not be available for cruising.

  • Does GoBahamas.com offer hotel accommodations in other locations?

    Yes, we offer hotel & resort accommodations in a few other locations, such as Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Dominican Republic, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and a few other Caribbean destinations. Our very best promotional package rates will always be the Bahamas.

  • When I request a quote via the website, what is included in that rate?

    Quotes received via our “Quick Quote” system include your per person rate based on your personalized request. The rate you receive also includes ALL taxes and fees.

  • What is included in the “All-Inclusive” package?

    All-inclusive refers to a package containing round-trip transportation, resort accommodations, food, drinks, alcohol, taxes, and gratuities. In some cases, this also includes shows and activities.

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